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If you aren’t drinking Amaro yet, it’s time to get on board. Amaro is Italian for “bitter” and is an Italian liqueur typically enjoyed after dinner as a digestif.

Amaro is usually drunk neat and often with a citrus wedge. Its bittersweet flavor and often syrupy texture give the drink a wonderfully comfortable warmth.

Note: Amaro is not to be confused with amaretto, another sweet Italian liqueur which is flavored with almonds.

If you’re looking to drink some delicious Amaro, we recently tried some crafted by Don Ciccio & Figli. Based in Washington D.C.,  Don Ciccio & Figli makes artisanal liqueurs based on recipes handed down from generation to generation in their family dating all the way back to 1883 on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

See their full list of spirits here.

Finocchietto: A Must Try

Don Ciccio & Figli’s Finocchietto (Family Recipe Dating Back To 1954)
artisanal fennel liqueur – 88 points by Wine Enthusiast

Flavor: Black Liquorice and Fresh Anise.


This is one the most unique liqueurs we have tried in a long time and you must try it when you get the opportunity. Finocchietto is a fine savory digestif and is used in Neapolitan cooking. It is even said to have been used by Roman gladiators to flavor their food and “gain strength”.

Featured Cocktail Recipe: Sorrentino

1.5 oz Limoncello
1 oz Luna Amara Bitter
0.5 oz Cocchi Americano
Dash of Orange Bitters

Stir to Combine…
Serve on Rocks with Thyme Sprig
Created by Don Ciccio & Figli.

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