The Best Ways To Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate This Fall & Winter

The fall season is here, so as expected, winter is approaching in all leaps and bounds. As we all know, one of the traditional ways of fighting the common cold and stir-crazy boredom associated with this time of year is fixing up a warm mug of hot chocolate, just to keep the body and soul in sync. As far as hot chocolate is concerned, spiking it with some booze isn’t such a bad idea either. In fact, it will make the perfect combination for this upcoming season.

With alcohol in your hot chocolate, the biting winter cold stands no chance at all no matter where you are around the globe. Below are some of the best ways to spice up your alcoholic hot chocolate this winter season, enjoy.

White Chocolate Hot Chocolate With Coconut Rum

The foundation of this hot chocolate starts with a blend of both white and dark chocolate. Add sugar and milk to your taste and spice it up with a couple of shots of coconut rum. Give it a great stir and you’ll have a great balanced mix of flavors.

Salted Caramel Rum Hot Chocolate

This blend features dulce de luche, everyone’s favorite salted caramel (salted caramel hot chocolate blend) these days. It is blended with milk chocolate, dark rum and a few pinches of sea salt, depending on the quantity being made. Salt the glass as if it were a Margarita, your guests will love it.   

Hot Chocolate A L’Orange

This mix starts with a has a double-cream milk chocolate blend. Then add a citrus tang with a few shots of orange liqueur and fresh orange zest.

Hazelnut Cream Hot Chocolate

The hazelnut cream hot chocolate is a blend of hazelnut flavored chocolate. You can also just use a combination of Nutella and milk or dark chocolate if you’d like. Mix it with with vodka, double cream, and chopped milk chocolate.