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It started when my friends and I were at a bar drinking the best cocktails we’d ever had. As we finished our fourth (and most likely not final) round, it hit me hard that we never have anything nearly like this at home.

Drinks at home typically started with make-shift martinis, some “Two-Buck Chuck” wine, or straight bourbon, and culminated with shots (out of laziness) for the remainder of the night.

We wanted more than two buck chuck at home so we started mixing liQuor

The realization was that you shouldn’t get to only have nice drinks at the bar for a minimum of $13 a┬ácocktail.

We started mixing liQuor to bring the bar to your home.

The mixing liQuor family is dedicated to sharing the best cocktails recipes, drinking ideas, and home wet bar supplies to turn any round of drinks at home into an experience even better than a night at the bar.

We don’t have to go out, welcome to our house. Mix with us!

mixing liQuor - Welcome To Our House - Mix With Us

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